Disability Insurance Specialists Announces Partnership with Davies/DMS

There have been some big changes this year at DIS.  We have completed the transition of the majority of our disability and long term care clients to the Springfield, MA operations of Davies Life and Health.  In order to to minimize any disruption to our clients we helped facilitate by transferring most of the staff  that handles those blocks along with a copy of the DIS proprietary systems that the business is administered with.


DIS will continue as a marketing and actuarial consulting group but will not provide third-party administration serices after the end of 2022.  We will continue to work closely with Davies Life & Health as a preferred partner in assisting DIS clients with and future TPA needs.


If you are looking to contact Davies Life and Health you can reach them at 888 234-3749 or at DLHCustomerService@us.davies-group.com.


We appreciate the opportunity to serve so many companies through the years, and the relationships built as we worked together as a team. We look forward to this next chapter and know our clients continue to be in good hands.


Disability Insurance Specialists - Our Name Says It All

DIS provides services to risk takers in the disability insurance arena.  We can develop new products, help with marketing and provide consulting and actuarial support.


We serve three distinct client groups:  Insurance Companies, Self-insured Employers, and Reinsurance Companies. 


New location for DIS in Windsor, CT

The new location is at 360 Bloomfield Avenue just down the road from our previous location.  Our phone numbers and claim mailing locations will remain the same.   


When you visit us, enter the building from the front or the back and take the elevator to the 4th floor.  Look for Suite 403.

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