Claim Consulting

DIS recognizes that some carriers prefer, and have the capabilities to manage disability claims in-house.    DIS can help those carriers stay current and competitive by using best claim practices.


At DIS, we constantly refine our procedures to stay on the cutting edge of claims management.  The evolution of our practice is based on a combination of research and our extensive experience into doing what works.


DIS has the broad base of experience and knowledge to help our clients manage the claims challenges they may face. Our claims staff has backgrounds and experience with companies in the disability insurance business as well as organizations that provide products and services related to or supporting disability management.  These include large and small carriers, group and individual carriers, the Social Security Administration, clinical settings, investigative firms, TPAs, Workers’ Compensation carriers, and life insurers.

Projects completed for client companies include:

  • Claim operation audits
  • Training and mentoring programs
  • Quality audits
  • Claim file audits
  • Complex claim handling
  • Settlements
  • Work flow analysis and design