Claims Management

Claim processing isn't just about cutting checks on time.  It's about making the correct claim decision in accordance with policy provisions, and then paying eligible benefits on a timely basis.  


We can manage your claim block and provide you with advice-to-pay or make payments directly in the form of checks, direct deposits or pay cards.  We can handle the W2's or coordinate with employers who want to integrate our data into their own W2's. 


We talk to the claimants as soon as claims are filed and then stay in touch as frequently as their condition warrants.  Keeping in close contact  keeps the claimant aware of what's happening with their claim and minimizes any surprises.   


At DIS, we believe that proactive claim management and strong customer service go hand in hand.  This approach enables DIS to deliver superior claim results and high customer satisfaction, and to minimize legal and compliance risks for our clients.