On-site Claimant Visits


Nothing says "we're interested in you and your claim" like an on-site visit to the claimant.  We have an experienced staff of Field Service Reps that visit our claimants as frequently as needed to facilitate initial and ongoing claim maintenance. This sends a strong message that we are serious about managing the claim and helps us understand the specific situation a claimant is in.  We are able to keep these visits extremely cost effective for our clients by visiting a number of claimants on a trip and then spreading the costs across multiple claims and multiple clients. 


While we visit claimants as part of our outsource claim process, we also visit individual claimants for carriers as a standalone referral service. As part of the standalone service, we discuss claim issues with your responsible claim representative, review pertinent file information, coordinate the visit with the claimant, and return a full report including identity verification.


Click here for access to our field referral form or contact Bob Lafontaine at (800) 722-9680 ext. 3012 for details.